I tried a lot of things in January not necessarily everything learnt was used and and not every side project which I worked on got live.

However I learnt many lessons from my own failures and gained more insights when I started some initiatives. So just a small gist of looking back on January and mid February.

My Blog! codeklutz.com

I have been wanting to make my own tech blog for a while now but I needed something which didn’t necessary requires much code or db maintenance.I didn’t want to opt for WordPress for the same reason.

Jekyll with GitHub pages is a life saver here! Also learnt a lot on custom domains after buying my own domain,about Google analytic and SEO.Plus customising Jekyll site with themes has been fun.

Letters to me

This idea struck me in the wee hours at night.I always get some random tech ideas or where I am curious about something and think about it as to how I would do this particular task.

I think of this site as an idea jar 💡 or tech journal 📝 where I jot down my wacky, scrambling thoughts.Something which I can look back on for ideas when I don’t feel creative or as starting thinking point for my small side projects.Some tech thoughts which aren’t polished enough for a blog but are useful tiny ideas which provide insight. Also since it’s on the internet maybe someone might find it useful or insightful? I’m thinking of adding an rss feed to this in the future if anyone would be interested in following this.

Expiermenting with audio in blogs

Based on the idea mentioned in letters.codeklutz.com decided to implement an audio feature for this blog.I tried finding some open source or free alternative.And I did find one but sadly this one proved to be a failure at the current moment.

The audio is decent but the voices which I found are too mechanical and monotonous to listen continuously.I shall still try finding some open source alternative because I don’t want to invest in paid alternatives for this small blog at the moment.

NoteKlutz https://note.codeklutz.com

This mini project is again a part of implementation of the idea mentioned in letters.codeklutz.com It already proving to be useful;) I realised I write more markdown (for creating study notes +writing this blog) so I felt the need to create my own editor which is suited for myself and at the same time not fear giving my data to someone or idk?(lmao)

But main focus was not to use another app just to create notes and since I use browser more than anything else this seemed like a good idea

It’s a small,minimal project which does exactly what I need it to do and does it right (at least for me biased here🤫) It’s like my second organising brain 🧠.The code is an absolute mess and needs heavy work which I will do my pushing small updates on weekends🤭.

So this was all for January and Mid Feb